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Divi Training Tutorials

Each tutorial below includes a video with text and screenshots. We have tried to keep the content as brief as possible.

If you need further clarification after watching and reading, or would like tutorials on anything else, please get in touch with us.



Read our articles for practical ideas, resources and tips on improving your website, your ranking, SEO and keeping up with the changing digital space.


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Moving Forward

To create traction and drive traffic to your website we have given you ideas and support to get the word out after launching your website.


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We like to empower our clients

As the best web designers should, we provide all our clients with website support in the form of resources, training and custom consulting to make sure you know how to utilise your sites. If there is anything you need or would like to see or know more about, get in touch with us.

Teclite resources

Teclite is all about innovative solutions for retrofitting LED downlights.
A 21st century NZ invention for a minimalist, 21st century look that means people can go from large, old, ugly, expensive lighting to power efficient LED downlights, which we think is fantastic.

A sealed LED light fitting prevents heat from vanishing and fittings mean a warmer home and significant cuts to energy bills.

Teclite resources help customers to easily implement downlight improvements, effective lighting and upgrades.