Trimless Lighting Solutions

Teclite industries make insert devices to resize ceiling cut-outs and/or install downlights in a trimless or standard way. Standard resize install systems and trimless install options are available.

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Why Teclite Trimless?

How do I make this hole in my ceiling smaller without new plaster board drywall or Gib? Use a Teclite insert!

Go from large, old, ugly, expensive lighting to modern small, power-efficient LED downlights. You can now upgrade those oddly shaped, energy-hungry, draughty old downlights to efficient, flush-mounted LED lighting without the mess or drama. Teclite trimless are moulded inserts that house LED downlights, making the LED light the hero, not the light fixture. And you no longer need to re-line your entire ceiling just to change a light. Brilliant!

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What is Teclite Trimless?

Teclite Inserts solve your resize problems when retrofitting a trimless LED downlight. We have created a resilient, crack resistant solution to having to replace your ceiling when replacing your downlights. Using Teclite trimless inserts, you can install a plastered-in fitting buried in the ceiling to cover the space left by the original, oversized cutout. Round or rectangular: no problem. Resizing existing cutouts to fit a modern trimless or standard finish LED downlight is our specialty. 

Trimless LED downlight installation

Have a registered electrician install your new LED light into our insert and there is no trim, no visible front plate, no round or square edge, only seamless light. Teclite’s cunning bases and inserts mean you can retrofit LEDs where those ugly, inefficient incandescent, halogen or CFLs used to be, all without needing new ceiling board. Take a look at our frequently asked questions for more information. 

A fresh, modern look and great lighting

A trimless LED downlight offers unobtrusive, smart illumination. Our trimless inserts are aimed at tradespeople. However, any competent plasterer or handyperson could quickly and efficiently fit them.

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What they say about our very cool solution for oversize cutout holes

The flush mounted fittings are a huge improvement both in terms of aesthetics and light output and quality. The whole look of the place has been greatly improved.

Thanks to you, Brian and the team for a thoroughly professional job.

Geoff Clews, Barrister

We can help with installation

Time to upgrade your home or business’ lighting? Our one-piece casting eliminates any damage to the ceiling during installation and creates a beautiful, elegant finish every time.

The Teclite team of professionals will remove your old lights, supply and install your new LED downlights, then plaster and repaint for a perfect finish. Teclite Industries have developed and patented the 21st century way of installing downlights using a truly trimless install system for the very best of modern finishes.

We can install flush-mounted LED downlights in both domestic and commercial settings for a clean-lined, seamless look where the light, and not the fixture, plays the dominant role. Get in touch with our Teclite LED installation experts.

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