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What is a Teclite Insert?

A beautiful, plastic-injected moulded insert that houses LED downlights. Teclite inserts are used to resize cutout holes to fit modern smaller LED downlights.


Is it possible to upgrade my downlights when my lights are old and have a large diameter compared to new modern LEDs?

Yes, we asked ourselves how to retrofit LED lights and then developed our patented, inserts and baseplates so smaller flush mounted LED downlights lights could be installed without any ceiling replacement. You can make the holes left by the old lights smaller without needing new plaster board, drywall or Gib

What are the benefits of using a Teclite Insert?

This convenient and simple process offers you a greater choice of modern LED light fixtures whilst keeping your ceiling intact. To our mind, trimless inserts achieve the best result aesthetically when retrofitted. However, our standard resizing insert is the most versatile and outsells our trimless install.

How do the inserts work?

The inserts are plastered into place in your ceiling. Their job is to cover the space left by the existing oversized cutouts needed for your old, bigger downlights. In a standard retrofit or install of LED lights, the light fitting has a visible flange sitting on ceiling. Using a Teclite trimless install, you can retrofit a variety of fitting sizes and there is no flange – it’s truly seamless. Or for those who prefer, you can just resize the cut out and install standard.


Do I need to replace the existing ceiling lining?

No, you don’t.

Why would I need a Teclite Insert?

LED lights are much more stylish, and energy efficient. However, modern LED light fittings are smaller than their older counterparts, so when you remove the old lights, you have great big holes in the ceiling. Now, instead of having to get a plasterer to fill the old holes and then cut new holes to fit the LED lights or replace the entire ceiling with new plaster board drywall or Gib – a time-consuming messy and expensive process – you can bury one of our inserts in the celling to cover up the oversized hole and then plaster and paint over it (leaving the housing for the light fitting clear of course).

Are Teclite inserts attached to LED lights?

No, they aren’t. Our inserts and baseplates are installed into the ceiling and plastered and painted over. They are plastic-injected moulds that house LED downlights. Once in place by a registered electrician, you can easily install lovely, flash new LED downlights into them. 

Do you sell LEDs?

We can easily supply and install new LED downlights for you. If you want more information on how to retrofit LED lights in your ceiling, check out our resources. 

Can I use modern LED lights in the Teclite Inserts?

Yes, absolutely. You can use install dimmable downlights for ambient lighting in rooms that need a cleaner, more minimalist feel, LED downloads for task lighting, or you can set them up as accent lighting.

What size light fittings can I use?

Teclite trimless install system works with a range of Halcyon lights from 86mm outside diameter to 106mm outside diameter. Resizing existing cutouts is our specialty and we cater for a wide range of sizes in both standard installs and fully trimless installs. We also have a new commercial sized plug type insert that can cover up to 205mm cutouts and install lights from 80mm diameter to 195mm diameter in a standard install.

Do Teclite Inserts come in different sizes?

Yes, we cater for a range of existing cut-out sizes.

Do I just need an insert for the job?

No, Teclite products are known as inserts and bases. You need both for a truly trimless install: a baseplate and an insert. The system is exactly the same for standard resizing or plugging up cut outs no longer required: a base and an insert are required. Very cleverly, all our inserts fit all our baseplates. 

What’s the difference between a faceplate and an insert?

Facemounts are only used where access to ceiling cavity is limited or obstructed. You can still resize the hole left by on old energy-hungry downlight and fit LED lighting, but unlike our baseplate, the faceplate is mounted on the ceiling board, or Gib, and not in behind. Minimal preparation is required and the cutout size for this insert is a 120mm. Our facemounts currently come in two sizes. fitting lights with 86mm and 96mm outside diameters.

Can anyone use them?

Yes, any competent handyperson or tradesperson can install one of our cunning fittings and resize cutouts or holes to fit modern smaller LED downlights. To see how’s it done, simply check out our detailed install videos or download our instruction sheet.

What they say about our very cool solution for oversize cutout holes

We have Teclite Inserts (3) in our kitchen and in our lounge (2), and the results have been startlingly good.

Workmanship excellent, likewise customer service.

Very easy to lower should you wish to repaint the ceiling.

Jane Ferguson

For the quickest, most cost-effective way to retrofit LED lights and resize the holes left from old inefficient downlights, get in touch with the Teclite Industries team.