Beautify your home with sleek flush-mounted LED lighting

Teclite Industries’ patented technology provides a trimless solution to retrofitting LED downlights. Our unique insert positions the light right inside the existing gib for a truly flush, seamless finish. Retrofit LED lights using our trimless inserts and get clean, neat seamless light that visually expands the space of the entire house. We can also provide a great resizing product for those happy with standard install methods.

retrofit led lights
retrofit led downlights


retrofit led light


Kiwi-can solution for oversize cutout holes

LED lights are smaller than traditional downlights. Remove these old, style halogen or incandescent lights and you have gaping holes in your ceiling. Finding new LED fittings to fit the old cutouts is virtually impossible. Until Teclite’s inserts became available, the only answer would have been hiring a plasterer to fill the old holes and then cutting new holes to fit the LED lights or replacing the entire ceiling with new Gib: a time-consuming messy and expensive process.

Using our Teclite patented trimless inserts, you can resize the existing cut outs, and then plaster and repaint the surface for a beautiful, flush or standard finish. 

Round, rectangular or gone

Go from a rectangular-shaped halogen downlight to a modern LED round downlight. At Teclite Industries, we have developed an insert system to convert rectangular holes for dual halogens to a single round hole suitable for smaller modern LED lighting and you don’t even need more Gib, plasterboard or drywall.

Got too many downlights? Too often, ceilings were peppered with expensive, energy-guzzling downlights. When using trimless LEDs, you won’t need to replace them all. But what about the holes? Not an issue. Our system makes it possible to plug existing cutouts where lights are no longer required. Using our inserts, unwanted holes can be quickly and quietly plastered over, never to be seen again. 

retrofitting led downlights


led retrofit downlight


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retrofitting led


Our downlight inserts make for an energy efficient home

Why retrofit LED lights? Traditional downlights are fitted by cutting a hole in your ceiling and they get so hot they cannot be covered by insulation. A 150mm safety gap between the downlights and insulation is required.

Heat escapes through those gaps around the downlights straight into your ceiling space. A sealed LED light fitting prevents heat from vanishing and NZ fire-rated LEDs are also safe to cover with insulation. LED fittings mean a warmer home and significant cuts to your energy bill.

Have your old power-hungry lights replaced with efficient LED downlights

According to the EECA, the NZ government (the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority), if every New Zealand household installed LED lighting, the country would avoid 82,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year – the equivalent missions of almost 34,000 petrol cars. tell us that LED lights use up to 80 per cent less energy than incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs have a life expectancy of between 15,000 and 50,000 hours if in a dedicated LED fitting, so they can be expected to last for more than five years of normal domestic use. If a light is on for three hours each day, an incandescent will use around $17.00 worth of electricity in a year, compared to less than $3.00 for the LED. That’s a saving of more than $14.00 per bulb per year.

An elegant flush lighting solution

Lighting fixtures provide much more than just mere light – they are about style and personality, and discoloured, ugly, old downlights could be described as upturned buckets. Retrofit LED lights and you can take your home’s lighting to the next level with inconspicuous, beautiful design. 

No frames, no rails, and no visible fittings, trimless LED light fittings are integrated into the ceiling and painted over. The light, not the downlight fixture, is the hero. 

The latest LED technology

Convert traditional lights into smart lighting. Our range of premium, sophisticated lighting inserts future-proof your home. For ambient lighting in rooms that need a cleaner, more minimalist feel, you can install dimmable downlights. LED downloads can also be used for task lighting, or you can set them up as accent lighting for special pieces of décor or furniture. All this can be done without replacing your existing plaster board, drywall or Gib.

What they say about our very cool solution for oversize cutout holes

With recent renovations of our home, we wanted to not only have more lights in the rooms, but also to use modern light fittings. The problem this presented was that the new modern lights require much smaller holes to mount them in.

I initially employed Brian Moore of Teclite Inserts to do eight lights in the lounge, which he did with a minimum of fuss or mess at a very reasonable price. The effect and the look are brilliant. WELL DONE.

I have recommended Brian to several tradesman and friends who also want to replace their old fashion lighting and would encourage anyone with a similar problem to get in touch with him.

Nick Saunders 

To retrofit energy-efficient, flush mounted, trimless LEDs and resize the holes left by old inefficient downlights, take a look at the clever LED inserts from the Teclite Industries team.