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Who are Teclite Industries?

Teclite Industries Ltd is registered NZ company founded in 2014. The company is devoted to the research, engineering and development of new technology for the installation of domestic and commercial electrical fittings. 

Our installation products are unique, globally patented, versatile and cost effective. Thousands of our products, including our LED inserts, have been installed throughout New Zealand and Australia, so you can be guaranteed our products are tried, tested and proven. 

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We are the solution to your home lighting retrofit problems

The core problem that Teclites Inserts solve is the resizing of cutouts so smaller modern LED downlights can be retrofitted to where older, larger downloads once were. Teclite industries only exists because we could find no one on the market who had come up with this solution to retrofitting. When installed correctly, our inserts should be entirely unnoticeable.

Lighting should be just as important as every other detail when renovating or building your dream home, and as with all other important design considerations, it should be energy efficient. The issue when retrofitting energy-efficient LED downlights, however, is that modern LED light fittings are smaller than their older counterparts. Remove the old lights, you are left with oversized cutouts in the ceiling. 

With this in mind, we designed a premium selection of LED light fittings – beautiful, plastic-injected moulded LED inserts to house LED downlights – that will enhance even the most prestigious of houses.

About the Founder and CEO of Teclite, Brian Moore

New Zealander Brian Moore, the founder and developer of Teclite developed our products for the retrofit LED downlight market. The Teclite LED Inserts are two-piece, made from ABS plastic and meets all regulatory standards. Teclite also caters for standard resizing and non-trimless installs, but thanks to the superior aesthetics, most of our customers prefer the full trimless install. 

Teclite Inserts have multiple patents and own all the intellectual property to its products. 

New products are also being developed and are the testing phase right now.

We can also help with installation.

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What they say about our very cool solution for oversize cutout holes

I had a big lighting problem to solve. Some well-meaning sparky had originally installed those lights in my house that look like an upturned bucket and are really NOT attractive. I thought the only way to fix this was to buy smaller lights and get the holes filled which of course, would be a BIG job and very messy.

By sheer luck I went to Alpha Lighting to get the lights and they told me about Teclite Inserts. Problem totally solved !!!

The inserts fitted both the big hole and the new lights perfectly and the only plastering it needed was around each light. I was able to finish this off myself as the plastering was very neat and clean.

The price was very reasonable, and Brian was able to fix a little problem I had in the ceiling, plus we took out some of the extra lights we didn’t need and he filled those holes with a blank insert.

Altogether, an amazing job that was very well done.

Kevin Haines

For the quickest, most effective way to resize the holes left from old inefficient downlights so you can retrofit energy-efficient, flush mounted, trimless LEDs and take your lighting to the next level, get in touch with the Teclite Industries team. Call us today.