How to change downlights to LED lights

Replacing those old, style halogen or incandescent downlights with energy-efficient, sophisticated LED downlights used to mean gaping holes in your ceiling. How to make them smaller without buying expensive, new plasterboard? Teclite inserts solve the problem.

Can I install LED downlights myself?

Any competent handyperson or tradesperson can install our fittings and resize cutouts or holes to fit modern smaller LED downlights. The inserts are plastered into place and cater for a wide range of light sizes.

What is a Teclite Insert?

For both trimless and standard installs, you need both a baseplate and an insert. Facemounts are only used where access to ceiling cavity is limited or obstructed, and unlike our baseplates, the faceplate is mounted on the ceiling board plasterboard, drywall, or Gib, and not in behind. If you have more questions get in touch or check out our frequently asked questions.

See how an LED retrofit is done

To change downlights to LED lights, simply check out our detailed install videos or download our instruction sheet.

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What they say about our very cool solution for oversize cutout holes

For quite some time I had been looking to replace all of the large old-style incandescent down lights with modern LED down lights.

However, I kept finding that any solution being offered which would enable the new small diameter lights to be fitted into the existing large holes was not attractive at all.

Then I discovered your product and service!! Your inserts which become part of the ceiling are exactly what was needed

I also appreciate your quick and efficient installation of the inserts and the clean and tidy way this was carried out. I am so impressed with your unique solution to what must be a problem for many others that you are very welcome to give my name to anybody who wants confirmation of your excellent product and service.

Colin Jeffery

If you want to change downlights to LED lights to save energy, money and have great lighting in your home or commercial premises, get in touch today.